“There is a rumor going around that I have found God. I think this is unlikely because I have enough difficulty finding my keys, and there is empirical evidence that they exist.”

 Sir Terry Pratchett, The Daily Mail (U.K.), June 21, 2008  (via nonplussedbyreligion)

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“People will show you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.”

Don Draper  (via hipsterdiet)

MAD MEN!!!!!!!!!!

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I foolishly did this in front of my class today. Chaos and anarchy ensued.

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“No, you can’t deny women their basic rights and pretend it’s about your “religious freedom.” If you don’t like birth control, don’t use it. Religious freedom doesn’t mean you can force others to live by your own beliefs.”

President Barack Obama

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